Message from the President

「We are aiming to be a company that creates new value and serves the public without being bound by any discrimination or unconscious prejudice.」

Our individual power is weak- we, individually, may not have the power to shift the great stones that block our path, but as we, as a group, aim for the same ideal and challenge ourselves to hurdle towards our dreams, we will become a greater power- one that can kick over any stone.
PVP Inc. is waiting for those who can take on any brave challenge without being afraid of change and diversification.
Since its founding, we have been thinking of contributing to the world through IT communication. PVP Inc has evolved with flexible ideas, action with speed, and communication abilities.
This idea we put into our company name-

Public nature

And “contributing to the world through IT communication” is our corporate philosophy.
We are convinced that Player Versus Player is the best hub to develop your individual strengths and create a new future.

Company Profile

Company Name PVP Inc.
Established 2011.10.23
Capital 5,000,000yen
Number of employees 85
President Keiichi Ishida

Corporate history

October 2011 Established PVIP Inc.
April 2013 Started e-book production service
April 2014 Started rebuilding help desks for domestic and foreign companies
June 2017 Started hiring foreigners
December 2018 Started bilingual recruitment consulting
December 2019 Completed staffing business registration


PVP Inc provides services and products that enable the creation of new businesses.
We realize all processes related to IT support from planning to operation, evaluation and improvement with our high level support.
We will support companies all over the world regardless of the size of our customers with our unprecedented innovative service focusing on customer satisfaction.