We are fostering a culture of international employee composition and understanding and respect for different cultures.
Also, we are implementing measures to thoroughly eliminate discrimination caused by nationality and gender.
Attendance and satisfaction with in-house events are high, and communication is further promoted at in-house study sessions and recreation events.
Employees in the managerial layer, called seniors, are not only managing the technical aspects and work attitudes of their employees, but are also actively consulting for mental fatigue and worries.
It is not a vertically divided organization in a Japanese company, but all the representatives below work to create an open environment.


Promotion of D&I diversity and inclusion
We are eliminating discrimination from various perspectives such as gender, age, nationality, and existence of disabilities, and are working to create a working environment in which people who may be vulnerable to society are more likely to work and can make the best use of their respective abilities.
・Support for women who are raising children to advance into society
・Promoting men to take childcare leave
・Understanding and active adoption of LGBT


We are working to support individual career designs for diverse human resources.

● Qualification acquisition support (eg MBA, PMP)
● Support for young career design (eg coaching, mentoring, etc.)
● Business technology presentations (eg, young employee technology presentations, etc.)
● Self-development programs (eg qualification school, language school, etc.)
● Level-specific training, field-specific technical training
● Open recruitment outside training (eg Management Graduate School, various management schools, etc.)
● Global human resource development training